Conserving Land for Traditional Use

Dan & Deb Mitchell

The organized ATV Clubs located in the Western Mountains of Maine have come together to Support the efforts of the High Peaks Alliance to conserve our traditional way of life here in the high peaks region. Working together we can help to preserve one of the most special places in the State of Maine. In the past couple of years, there has been a movement of the non-motorized folks and those that enjoy motorized exploration to work together. As a working member of Governor Baldacci’s Task Force Regarding the management of public lands, I was part of the very beginning of this cooperation between the two groups. By fostering mutual respect and trust between us we have come to the point now where it is time to work together on these types of projects. Being a person who enjoys both backcountry hiking and exploring on my ATV I have a broad perspective of these activities and what each group wants, needs and desires to fully enjoy their recreation of choice.

So here we are embarking on one of our first conservation projects together and say to all of you that are reading this, “This is just the beginning and together great things will be accomplished.”

Dan Mitchell


River Valley Riders ATV Club

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