Meeting Notes May 29, 2009 – June 30th meeting cancelled

High Peaks Alliance Meeting
May 29, 2009, Notes by Betsy Squibb
1. High Peaks Alliance Organization
Chris, Lloyd, and Roger reported on meeting with lawyers. It was decided to continue to seek 501c status with a local lawyer. Roger offered to contact Linda Sparkes in Phillips.

2. Fly Rod Crosby Footpath
We are invited to attend the Rangeley Guides and Sportsmen Meeting on June 18th. The meeting is at Thursday at 6 pm with a potluck supper. It was suggested that we meet and drive together. More details to follow.

There was continued discussion about finding out who owns land along a potential footpath.

Don has identified Madrid tax maps.
Roger identified Avon and Strong and volunteered to do Phillips.

The group brainstormed ideas for the whole project
Segments or pieces of the footpath
A map with some of the places (points) for visitors such as birthplace, burial place.
Places to note in towns include
Strong Cemetery and Historical Society
Phillips Historical society, SR& RL Railroad,
Rangeley/ Oquossoc Bald Mountain Campus, Chapel.
Should there be a driving route?
3. Environmental Funders Network
HPA will not be eligible to put in a full proposal this year.
We decided to continue to seek funding and pursue ideas in the preproposal submitted and maybe try again next year.
4. Other HPA efforts
Members of the group have been working on an HPA Forum for building awareness of the High Peaks region. The forum would occur in fall and begin with a design meeting for program planning. Lloyd, Chris, and Betsy are working with Warren Cook to organize a date for the design planning meeting.
Lloyd said he would be going to a meeting with Allen Stearns on ATV crossings and will report back.

June 30th meeting is canceled and will be rescheduled when Roger gets back from a trip towards the middle of July.

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