Narrow Gauge Riders-Alan Bickford

The NARROW GAUGE RIDERS ATV club ,based in the towns of AVON,PHILLIPS, and MADRID,support having a trail crossing at RANGELEY, and a new one at CARIBOU valley. We support the work the HIGH PEAKS ALLIANCE, is doing ,to try and keep access to these areas, for all of the different recreational activities, such as HIKING,ATVING,SNOWMOBILING ,SKIING,etc

I believe we all can work togeather to create a multi-use trail system,so we all can benefit ,and enjoy the beauty and tranquility,of our WESTERN MAINE mountains. While I am a member and officer in Narrow Guage Riders, I am also an avid hiker,and snowmobiler,and I do know my way around very well. I think we could all pool our interest, by sharing the expense of building trails together and planning the future of this great place.

When I am hiking in the backcountry, it’s comforting to know, that there are ATV and snowmobile trails, that are near the Appalachian Trail System, so I could be rescued in an emergency. With that thought I think its ok for hiking and recreational trails to cross each other , but we all need are designated for one purpose trails. I personally hate cross-country skiing,or snowshoeing ,while in fear of being encountered by a snowmobile.

As a club ,we voted last november to support both the RANGELY AT crossing and the CARIBOU VALLEY AT crossing.
Let us know what we can do to help.




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