A Sustainable Future for Maine’s High Peaks Region?

A Sustainable Future for Maine’s High Peaks Region?


Large Landscape Conservation IS the Way for Nature, People, and Community:

o     Conservation protects our working forests and public access for recreation

o     ensures that our forests and streams will continue to provide clean air and water for our communities

o     allows viable populations of plants and animals to exist and adapt to climate change

Help us to reclaim the vision of Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby and re-invent northern Franklin County:

o     Protect our woodland landscape from further fragmentation

o     Connect our communities through back-country trails

o    Build a strong local economy by stewarding our natural resources

Today’s decisions create our future

A sustainable future is not all about new technology

Keep what is good about our rural heritage

“To my knowledge, the High Peaks Alliance is the only group working toward conservation and preservation of our precious landscape while at the same time working with local organizations, communities, and interested people to develop a recreational area for all activities and to create local trail stewardship ethics. Community collaborations are necessary to assure the preservation of open space and recreational access for present and future generations.  Starting with the “Fly Rod” Crosby Trail.  To me, this is really what the HPA is all about.”

Dona Whittemore

highpeaksalliance.wordpress.com                                                                     sandyriverlandtrust.googlepages.com

Farmington 350 Conservation Fair, October 24, 2009.

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