Great Article in the Daily Bulldog!

Summer Volunteers at the All Trails Celebration this Summer

PHILLIPS –  The High Peaks Alliance and Sandy River Land Trust co-hosted five youth volunteers from Mt Abram High School this summer, to work on the new Fly Rod Crosby Trail. The volunteers worked a minimum of 35 or 60 hours and received a $500 or $300 award after finishing their service. The award is intended to help them pursue future education or work experience in the environmental field.

This is the second year that this summer volunteer program has been in place. In 2010 the High Peaks Alliance and Sandy River Land Trust hosted one summer volunteer: Devin Littlefield. This year he came back again and was joined by Danny Roy, Quincy Mittman, Sadie James and Jay Chenard. Four out of the five students live in the Unorganized Territories, where current trail work is taking place, and all attended Mt Abram High School. Their duties included assistance in trail planning, design, and construction. They worked on GPS/GIS skills and did initial research that will help create interpretive materials for the Fly Rod Crosby Trail (such as signs pointing out historical points of interest along the way).

“This is by far one of the most rewarding projects we have been involved in,” said Lloyd Griscom, who is involved with both the High Peaks Alliance and Sandy River Land Trust. “One of our priorities is to create opportunities for local youth to get involved in trails and outdoor activities.”

The five summer youth volunteer positions were made possible through funding by Poland Spring, the Maine Department of Conservation Recreational Trails Program, Adult and Community Education and the Maine Conservation Corps. The Sandy River Land Trust and High Peaks Alliance would like to thank these supporters for making this program possible.

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