June 11th Trail Work Day

Madrid Trail Head, Madrid, ME

Event Title:Trail Work Day on the Fly Rod Crosby Trail

We will meet at the Madrid trail head of the “Fly Rod” Crosby Trail
at 9:00 am. The trailhead is off the Reeds Mill road in Madrid and can be most
easily reached by turning onto Reeds Mill road from Route 4.  Beverages and snacks will be available at the beginning of the day. Tools will be provided.

The work site is approximately one mile along a section of the Fly
Rod Crosby trail overlooking the Hardy Stream. The work will be clearing, rerouting, and
maintaining short sections of trail
. This will be a moderately strenuous hike at over 1500 feet with sweeping views of Saddleback and Saddleback Junior. Please dress for the weather, and bring lunch, snacks, gloves, water, and sturdy hiking shoes.

We should be back at the trailhead about 3:00 pm.
Contact Dylan Cookson at:


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