Dylan Cookson’s End of Season

Hello, everyone.

20160716_130413 (2)

My name is Dylan Cookson. I am an AmeriCorps members and this year I have been serving with the High Peaks Alliance as a Maine Conservation Corps Environmental Steward.

This will be my last year as an AmeriCorps member and my time with the High Peaks Alliance has been truly rewarding. I have worked very closely with both current and former board members of the HPA and helped to recruit new members and volunteers. I have gotten to know community leaders throughout the High Peaks Region. I have spent time with your outdoor sporting and recreation clubs, hiked your trails, paddled on your ponds, and been given tours by some of your region’s biggest outdoor enthusiasts. I have met with your business owners and come to enjoy food from your restaurants. I have redirected and cleaned trails, run raffles, organized community events, and participated in collaborative projects with community organizations.

The High Peaks Region is one of the most beautiful and unique that I have ever visited. I hope to visit again and see what comes of the High Peaks Alliance and its works.

Thanks to all of you for all of your help and support.


-Dylan Cookson

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