Tourism in Maine is- $8.2 Billion Industry- Conservation protects our Maine High Peaks Brand.

Nature Tourism is needed to protect our Brand and our local economy in Maine’s High Peaks Region. Please support the High Peaks Alliance as the Local Voice in Land Conservation so we can keep our back country open. Our highest priority project is to Conserve the Mt. Abram parcel for it’s moose/wildlife, recreation and wood products values. It abuts the successful Orbeton/Linkletter Forest Legacy property.

New director, Harry Tucci, responds to HPA mission and membership expansion request

We received a wonderful response to our request for help from Harry Tucci:

Harry J Tucci Jr <>

Jun 25

to High Peaks Alliance info

I would like to offer you my services as a Board member.  I am intimately familiar with the Mission and service area of the Alliance.  Years,ago before your formation I had formative discussions with Bruce Hazard about attempting a National Heritage Area, an idea I have successful experience with and that I passionately believe the Western Mountains of Maine would certainly qualify for.

I have over 30 years experience serving in the Boards of Land Trusts and Conservancies.  I am familiar with Trail planning, having successfully developed several abandoned rail corridors into trails.  I led the effort to have the Schuylkill River in PA,designated a National Heritage effort and thus am familiar with the development of Management Action Plans as well as tourist signage and brochures.

The High Peaks have so many compelling stories, and they are told by a myriad of strong partners.  The Sandy River railroad, Rangeley fishing, Height of Land, Benedict Arnold, Saddleback, Kingfield, the AT.  There is so much to Build upon as you contemplate expanding your mission.

It would give me undying pleasure to work tirelessly as a Volunteer Board member for such a fine organization.  I have family in Wilton so the High Peaks flow through my veins literally daily.  My only caveat is I don’t live in Maine, I live in PA.  However I am more than willing to perform any Boars duties via email, chat, Skype, phone etc.  at no cost to you.

If you’d like to learn more about what I can offer you as a Board member feel free to give me a call or if you’d like to accept my offer you can either call or reply to this email.

Be assured I will remain a Champion of your efforts no matter what you might decide.

Best Wishes!!!
Harry J. Tucci Jr. KHS
Semper Fidelis, Semper Protinus
The High Peaks Alliance thanks Harry Tucci for his kind e-mail and offer of help and announces that Harry Tucci has been elected  a director of the HPA in the July directors meeting at the White Elephant in Strong.

Dylan Cookson’s End of Season

Hello, everyone.

20160716_130413 (2)

My name is Dylan Cookson. I am an AmeriCorps members and this year I have been serving with the High Peaks Alliance as a Maine Conservation Corps Environmental Steward.

This will be my last year as an AmeriCorps member and my time with the High Peaks Alliance has been truly rewarding. I have worked very closely with both current and former board members of the HPA and helped to recruit new members and volunteers. I have gotten to know community leaders throughout the High Peaks Region. I have spent time with your outdoor sporting and recreation clubs, hiked your trails, paddled on your ponds, and been given tours by some of your region’s biggest outdoor enthusiasts. I have met with your business owners and come to enjoy food from your restaurants. I have redirected and cleaned trails, run raffles, organized community events, and participated in collaborative projects with community organizations.

The High Peaks Region is one of the most beautiful and unique that I have ever visited. I hope to visit again and see what comes of the High Peaks Alliance and its works.

Thanks to all of you for all of your help and support.


-Dylan Cookson

Raffle Drawing


Last Wednesday, October the 12th, the High Peaks Alliance drew the winning  tickets for the 2016 High Peaks Alliance Raffle.

We had winners in Rangeley, North Monmouth, Scarborough, and Farmington. Our out-of-state winner, Rose Esher, won a pair of books on the history of the Rangeley region. Most of our winners will have their prizes mailed to them shortly.

This raffle has been a huge success with six donated prizes and nearly $300 raised.

We at the High Peaks Alliance would like to thank everyone who bought tickets, and the local businesses who donated prizes and sold tickets in the storefronts. You have all helped to make a major difference for the High Peaks Alliance and further our mission of maintaining and enhancing access to outdoor recreation in the High Peaks Region.

See you all on the trail!