Meet our Board of Directors

Roger Lambert and Milt Baston at the HPA 2nd annual “Moose Spaghetti Supper and World Famous Pie Auction.” (Photo courtesy of Jo Josephson)

Milt Baston – President
Milt lives in Strong Maine. He is a registered Maine Guide and selectman in the town of Strong. Milt was named “Conventional Logger of the Year” in 2011 by the Certified Logging Professionals Association. He is a volunteer on the Fly Rod Crosby Trail, serves on the Conservation Alternatives Committee and helps out at the annual HPA “Moose Spaghetti Supper and World Famous Pie Auction (pictured below with Roger Lambert).”

Lloyd Griscom, Vice President

Lloyd at the All Trails Celebration, 2011 (Photo courtesy of Jo Josephson)

Lloyd owns and operates Peace and Plenty Organic Blueberry Farm in Phillips Maine with his wife Hope. They live in Phillips. Lloyd is also a board member of the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust and Sandy River Land Trust. Lloyd is on the Conservation Alternatives Committee, Organizational Committee, and All Trails Committee.

Betsy with volunteers on the Fly Rod Crosby Trail

Elizabeth Squibb – Director
Betsy is a professor at the University of Maine in Farmington, a registered Maine Guide, and lives in Madrid TWP with her husband Bud Godsoe. When she’s not teaching, Betsy enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and kayaking. She serves on the Fly Rod Crosby Trail Committee and the Organizational Committee.

Donald Whittemore, – Director

Don Whittemore doing Fieldwork in Mt Abram Township (photo courtesy of Lloyd Griscom)

Don is retired and lives in Farmington with his wife Donna. They lived in Phillips for many years and Don worked for Federal  Express in the High Peaks Region. Don is an avid ATV rider, snowmobiler, and hiker. He is a lifelong hunter and fisherman. Don serves on the Conservation Alternatives Committee, Fly Rod Crosby Trail Committee, and All Trails Committee.

Scott Landry – Treasurer

Scott Landry is the current treasurer for the High Peaks Alliance. Scott lives and works in Farmington. He recently retired from owning and operating Shire town Insurance company and is the former president of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Scott has worked tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of local businesses. He is an avid outdoorsman and nature photographer.

Ginni Robie – Director
Ginni lives in Madrid where she operates her business, Star Barn Yoga. Ginni is a very active community member including volunteering many hours for the Reeds Mill Church and being president of the Madrid Historical Society. She has hosted many Fly Rod Crosby events and provides lodging at the trailhead in Madrid. Ginni serves on the Fly Rod Crosby Trail Committee.

Donald Cutler – Director
Don lives in Freeman Township. Don is retired from Sugarloaf where he worked as a mechanical engineer for many years, most notably creating their current snowmaking system. Don is very active in the Mount Abram trail riders ATV club in Salem, where he serves as trail master He also enjoys dirt bike riding the local trails.

Peter McKinley – Director
Peter is a research ecologist and conservation planner with The Wilderness Society (TWS) Research Team based out of the TWS Northern Appalachians office in Hallowell, Maine. Peter works nationally for TWS but focuses on research, planning, and implementation in the northeastern U.S. with a particular focus in Maine. Previous employment includes Director of Forestland Conservation for Forest Society of Maine where he completed several large scale and numerous smaller conservation easement purchases or donations, and as Vice President of Operations for a land and timber management company operating in Western Maine where he oversaw their Forest Stewardship Council certification program and harvesting operations.

Kirby & Elaine Holcombe – Director
Maine Guide,  Fly Rod Crosby Committee, Rangeley.
Elaine moved to the Rangeley area in 2003 following 35 years as a teacher. Since then she has revised the Junior Guide Program, is still active in that program, and was elected as a board member to the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association where she currently serves as secretary. She is a Registered Maine Guide, a member of MPGA. She has had experience with stream restoration and initiating salmon. She coordinates the annual RRG&SA Outdoor Sporting Heritage Day. She serves as director on the Rangeley Friends of the Arts board and chairs the Development Committee. She sings in the December Community Chorus and sometimes plays in musical productions and church services. In her ‘spare’ time she enjoys biking, jogging, boating, fly fishing, tennis, shot gunning, and taking care of her two grandchildren.

High Peaks Alliance Advisers and Volunteers
Nancy Perlson, Grant Writing, Conservation Alternatives Committee,

Tom Saviello, Maine Senator, Wilton

Mike Ferguson, Rev-it-up Sports, Rangeley

Bud Godsoe, Retired Contractor, Madrid TWP – Fly Rod Crosby Trail Master

Dave Field, Maine Appalachian Trail Club, Fly Rod Crosby Trail Advisor

Marc Edwards, University of Maine Ext. Service, Fly Rod Crosby Committee, Strong

Dan Mitchell, ATV ME

Patty Geiger, Fly Rod Crosby and Events Committees

Jo Josephson, Fly Rod Crosby Trail Committee, Communications

Ben Godsoe, Fly Rod Crosby Trail Committee, Conservation Alternatives Committee
Website Design
Henry Wilson (
Additional Support Generously Provided By:
Davis Conservation Fund, Betterment Foundation, Department of Conservation Recreational Trails Program, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails, & Conservation Assistance Program, Franklin County TIF Program, Poland Spring, Maine Community Fund, Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, New England Grassroots Environmental Fund,  and Generous Donations by businesses and individuals in the High Peaks Region. Thank you all for your support!

________________________________________________________ Letter of Support from ATV Maine A.T.V. Maine (Alliance of Trail Vehicles of Maine) PO Box 2292 South Portland ME 04116-2292 ATV Maine is made up of 103 ATV Clubs with more than 8000 individual members from all across the State. We are excited to announce our collaboration with the High Peaks Alliance, Sandy River Land Trust and all of the other back country enthusiasts that are working together to develop a recreational economy in Franklin County through conservation, preservation and the development of a multi use trail system.  An economic impact study of ATVing done by the University of Maine’s Margaret Chase Smith center in 2004 demonstrated an annual impact of two hundred and twenty million and the number of registered ATV’s have grown every year since. When you combine this with the three hundred million contribution made by snowmobiling it becomes very apparent what motorized recreation means to the greatest state in our nation. Back Country hikers, cross country skiers, geo cache’rs and equestrians also add a significant contribution to this leg of our economy. The manufacturing of forest products has been the backbone of Maine’s economy for many generations and a working forest is still paramount. That said a significant portion of this economy has disappeared over the last twenty years and most residents of Maine have experienced the effects of this unfortunate trend. I personally believe that outdoor recreation on our superior landscape can replace most of the loss that has occurred in the forest products industry.  It won’t happen overnight and it will take every one who has a stake in our future to create a recreational industry in the State of Maine that will become a model of what can happen when the synergy of diverse groups come together to achieve our goals. Sure conflicts exist between some groups, but it has been our experience that if mutual respect is the norm those conflicts have been overcome. Real change can only come when those with different values and ideas come together, share their respective positions and forge an understanding and respect of each others ideals. Once this has happened any goal can be achieved.  ATV Maine is committed to work with all of the groups that are involved with this effort in the high peaks area of Franklin County. Daniel m. Mitchell President ATV Maine

Other Support

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