Volunteer Information

The Fly Rod Crosby Trail has been built entirely by volunteers. Volunteer days are fun and a great way to meet new people, get outside and experience the High Peaks back-country! To volunteer please contact us and ask to be put on the e-mail list. You will receive notifications about trail work days, celebrations and gatherings.

If you are interested in adopting a section of trail to maintain, please let us know! Section maintainers are responsible for keeping their short section clear of debris and well signed. Typically this means hiking your section 2-3 times per year, on your own time, and using simple hand tools to clean up the trail.


Volunteer Days for 2016!

Tentative dates and times for the 2016 FRC Work Days.

May: Saturday, May 14th, 9:00 am

Successfully completed!

June: Saturday the 11th 9:30 am.


Successfully completed!

July: Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd & 24th.

Location: Saddleback Mountain

Event Title: The Berry Picker’s Trail

For centuries, inhabitants of Maine have picked berries for pleasure and sustenance. The slopes of Saddleback mountain are home to a historic berry picking trail. Not so long ago the High Peaks Alliance offered help to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club in planning improvements to this historic trail. This year we are seeing those plans being put into action. On the days of 23rd and 24th , the MATC will be leading work crews on a project to improve access to the Berry Picker’s trail. Ultimately, the trail will connect to both the Appalachian Trail and the HPA’s own Fly Rod Crosby Trail.

We will meet at the Madrid Trail Head of the Fly rod Crosby Trail and carpool to the access point for the Berry Picker’s Trail. We should plan on meeting from 7:45 – 8:15am.

The HPA will be looking for volunteers to join in this wonderful collaborative project.

If you are interested, please contact Dylan Cookson for more details.

Contact Dylan Cookson at:


Or call him at (207) 416-4952

August: Saturday the 20th 9:30 am.

More details to come soon.

September: Saturday the 10th 9:30 am.

More details to come soon.



Fill out this short form to let us know you want to help with trails. Check the box next to each effort you’d like to know more about.

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